Digital transformation

We help you digitize your businessprocesses, streamline them and increase their efficiency. Digital transformation consists of the following three building blocks: strategy, structure and culture.

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Support programs

As an authorized go-digital consultant, we can apply for funding from the BMWi for your assignment, potentially increasing your budget and thus further advancing digital transformation.

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An ongoing process of digital change is currently taking place in society, which affects companies in all industries and business areas. To ensure that your company benefits from the strengths and advantages of digital transformation, we support you in all topics related to digital transformation. Together with us, you will find a precisely tailored support program with government funding that will enable you to sustainably establish your company in the competitive arena.

expeer GmbH as an authorized consulting company

as an authorized "go-digital"consultant, we take care of the application process for your funding. Besides this application and consulting service, we also take care of the billing procedure as well as the processing of the complete documentation. In this context, expeer GmbH fulfills all the necessary criteria for authorization.

We can also advise you on the funding programmes Digital Now and Mittelstand Innovativ & Digital.

Digital Experience

To increase user experience and conversion rates, we transform your CMS into a Digital Experience Platform. This enables you to optimize digital customer journeys on your platform as well as firmly anchor your brand with customers.

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CX design

In order to build a strong bond with your customers, your brand needs be aligned with your target audience in addition to the user experience of your products. We will gladly advise you on this topic and help you ensure that customers associate your brand with positive experiences and build a long-term bond.

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Full-service customer experience is your key to success. For successful Customer Experience (CX) you need a customer-centric strategy that is precisely tailored to your target audiences and their needs.

Together we analyze, design and optimize your processes, products, services and transactions and lay the foundation for your digital business to create special customer experiences. Our team of experts uses the analyzed data to develop appropriate communication and technological strategies that will have a lasting impact. This is how we help you build and align successful CX.

We are convinced that through continuous development and comprehensive understanding of your customers' needs, effective and positive experiences can be created that your users will adore.

In short, we create digital experiences that reach your customers in the B2B, B2C or D2C space for the long term.

Data protection and data security

Data protection and data security are playing an increasingly important role in today's world. Legislators and the EU are passing laws that make it increasingly complicated to keep track of what data may be used or collected. We help you configure your system so that you can meet your customers' needs with as little data as possible.

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No data protection without data security!

Data protection is about protecting personal data in data-processing systems from misuse. These systems include websites as well as Internet stores and apps. Data protection must be ensured not only legally, but also technically.

Regular updates are also a matter of course for us. The subsubversion updates for TYPO3, for example, are very important for the preventive protection of the systems. Active encryption methods, such as SSL, are also part of our product portfolio. We use the latest security technology for your implemented web systems and advise you on upgrading existing systems or systems in planning.

Online marketing

We advise you on visibility, appearance and possible campaigns so that your brand and products stand out decisively from the competition on the market and leave a lasting impression on your users.

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Whether you're in B2B, B2C or a public sector client, the start of our collaboration is about understanding your business model. We tune into you and your requirements, regardless of what stage of digital transformation you are in. Based on this, we define the best solutions to reach your customers in the best possible way.

Our team develops digital products, services and campaigns. Always tailored to your target group to address all digital touchpoints and create perfect Digital Customer Journeys. We are more than an agency. We are experts who live the digital transformation and create Digital Experiences that measurably secure and further expand your business success. As your external service provider, we not only advise you, but also consistently implement measures with you so that you stand out from your competition and consolidate your brand and products on the market.


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