Digital Experience

Content management systems (CMS) have become indispensable for complex websites - and this is where the digital experience platforms come into play. Due to the increasing requirements resulting from the digital transformation, it is no longer sufficient to simply provide content. In order to reach customers, personalized digital assets are needed that are distributed across all common channels.

DXP sets the focus on the customer experience. The digital customer journey is optimized across all channels. It's about understanding how the customer interacts with the content provided to them. This makes it possible to provide him with even better content the next time he visits the site.

The advantages of a DXP are: personalized communication with the customer, increase of site traffic through individually provided content, analysis and scoring of users to leads, multi-channel communication and control over collected data.

One tool that particularly stands out is the GDPR-compliant solution jim!DXP.

For companies that want to address and interact with all customer touchpoints across all popular channels, jim!DXP holds enormous potential. After all, by offering a seamless, personalized digital journeyacross all channels, as well as personalized, customer-centric experiences, you can set yourself apart from your competitors!
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