Design and conception

Web design

Based on an existing corporate design, we develop digital design systems and patterns for landing pages, one-pagers and corporate websites.

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We realize the web designyou need, so that your content is put in the right light and thus creates the desired inpact. For this to succeed, we create a design that is not just beautiful, but also functional and intuitive to use. This ensures that future visitors will be able to visit and use your site without any restrictions. For this purpose, we create prototypes and plan user flows, which are tested via A/B testing and successively further optimized.

Designs provided by us are also responsive, of course, since the majority of devices that are used to visit websites are mobile devices. Your existing corporate design is taken into account in the design created, so it does not appear alienating to existing customers.

App design

We develop apps that are state of the art in terms of design. App designs provided by us easy to use and leave a lasting impression.

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If you want to develop an app today, in addition to a good concept you also need an excellent design to stand out from the crowd. For this reason, we don't offer off-the-shelf designs, but completely thought-out user experiences. Based on your corporate design, our designers develop a product that distributes the focus equally in terms of user interface, operation and navigation. We pay close attention to details, which is why our app designs have a particularly high level of usability.

Corporate design

To increase your brand's value and make it stand outfrom the competition, we develop corporate designs and design systems that cover all relevant channels and media.

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Nowadays, people are increasingly interested in brands rather than the products themselves. In order for your customers to identify with your brand, you need a corporate design that is impactful and also recognizable. We can help you expand your existing corporate design or create a new corporate design if you don't have one yet.

Corporate design manual

To make sure that you and your service providers always keep the corporate design in mind, we create your own manual, a so-called design manual.

Key visuals and illustrations

Key visuals are literally the key to the success of a long-term visual brand presence. We develop such a key visual for your company to create a lasting impression on the market.

Image and form language

Coordinated colors and shapes are essential for a corporate design. We develop a suitable image and form language for you, on which your corporate design can build.


Fonts are often underestimated or neglected, yet they are essential for the effectiveness of a corporate design. We help you to find the right font.


UI design

To make your brand a digital experience, we design appealing and intuitively usable interfaces and interaction processes. In doing so, we pay attention to details, because that's what gives your application an individual look.

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When it comes to user interface design (UI design), we are the right partner for you. Our experts for web design and web development create user interfaces and first-class user experiences that leave a lasting impression on your customers. Our designs focus on the ease of use of websites and mobile applications as well as the optimization of conversions of websites, landing pages and online stores.

UI for websites

We design a holistic user experience for websites and online platforms of all kinds. This includes your goals and desires as well as those of your target audience. Our UI designers always implement your web project responsively so that it works on all screen sizes (desktop, tablet and smartphone).

UI design for web applications

Our designers understand how to create a meaningful UI design for your web application. Whether you need a dashboard, marketplace, e-commerce tool, data analytics tool or other designs, we will develop a perfectly tuned and unique UI design for you.

UI design for landing pages

When designing landing pages, user interface and user experience are key elements to achieve good conversion rates. Landing pages are suitable for product launches, lead generation or campaign pages. We create conversion-optimized solutions for the success of your campaigns.

UI design for online shops

E-commerce success depends largely on the perfect interplay between UI and UX design. Good UI design for an online store goes beyond user-friendly operation. A well thought-out UI/UX design concept picks up the user in his or her individual customer journey and guides him or her purposefully to the jointly defined conversion.

UI design for mobile devices

To create the best possible user experience, we always create our user interface and user experience designs for all end devices. Especially when it comes to mobile use, the success of your website or web application stands and falls with the UI design when it is first used. If the user interface fails here, the user will not use the application again.

Graphic design

To ensure you have successful external communications across all digital media and channels, we work closely with your marketing department to create scalable graphic and communication designs.

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Our designers help your marketing department create visuals for your online campaigns, onsite advertising materials and mailings. These should make ideas, concepts and complex theoretical relationships visible and understandable to the viewer. It should get to the heart of the idea graphically, depict it precisely and creatively, and inspire with a glance.

Design with passion and skill

With a lot of feeling and the right eye for design and passion we like to face your ideas. Our goal is to visualize your idea accurately. Our concepts do not come off the shelf. We have enough ideas to offer you tailor-made design solutions that fit your corporate design like a glove.

Conception and design

Our graphic design should be convincing in online media, therefore we conceptualize and design web content with the necessary sensitivity. It is not only about artistic but also about technical know-how.

Implementation of media products

Technical skills in handling image processing and design programs  lead us to the ideal graphic implementation for you. We advise you comprehensively on the implementation of media products - because you have precise ideas of what you want and we have the right solution.


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