For an optimal operation of your system we offer you an excellent hosting infrastructure. As a partner of T-Systems International GmbH we are able to offer flexible infrastructure solutions. Your provided system will be hardened by us and integrated into our monitoring systems, so that we can interact quickly in case of an emergency.

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We have been special hosters for TYPO3 installations, Shopware and Magento 2 store systems for years. Through regular updates we ensure the security, reliability and performance of customer systems. Our servers are located in high-security data centers (located in Germany) of our renowned partner companies. These have connections to all important carriers (Telekom, Vodafone, etc.) and exchange points (DECIX, AMSIX, ECIX).

We also perform regular backups for you, so that in the unlikely event of a server failure or operating error, all data can be restored at any time. In addition, we use monitoring systems, which in case of irregularities or more serious problems immediately inform the responsible employee about it via SMS. This enables us to react quickly in case of an emergency and to continue the operation of your system.

On request we also offer virtual servers (vServer) or dedicated servers. These are particularly suitable for e-commerce systems (Magento 2, Shopware or our combination of TYPO3, jim!, Shopware and Magento 2) or for larger TYPO3 sites. The server power is exclusively available to you here and the servers can be set up and configured exactly according to your requirements and wishes, so that the full performance is available to you.

Software maintenance (incl. monitoring)

In the age of digital transformation, it is easy to lose track of whether all software is up to date and whether there are any open security gaps in highly complex systems. We regularly monitor, check and update your system. Our monitoring system has the advantage that we can monitor your entire network in real time. If a malfunction should occur, we are alerted in time and can intervene at an early stage.

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As an experienced IT service provider, we know how important it is that the software you use in your system is always up to date. Last year alone, damage in the IT sector amounted to over
200 billion euros. To avoid getting into this predicament, it is essential that you are always up-to-date to protect your content management, e-commerce and systems.

If you opt for our software maintenance offer, we will check regularly each week whether relevant security updates are available for the software you are using. We also check your entire system for possible vulnerabilities and security holes. In addition, we monitor your system to be able to react quickly in case of unforeseen malfunctions and to eliminate the cause of the malfunction.

We offer professional consulting and customized solutions for your company. Please contact us!

3rd Level Support

Thanks to the extensive expertise and experience of our technicians, we can solve the vast majority of problems with your system after the first contact, so that trouble-free operation can be restored as quickly as possible.

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You need help with your system or software?

Our Service Desk (SD) will help you with all 3rd level problems. Your technical issues will be professionally recorded and solved by our IT specialists. Your request will be recorded and processed via our Git ticket system. We fully comply with the requirements and circumstances of your company and support you!


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